1/2″ Schedule 80 Pipe Mounted Flow Meter


Pipe mounted flow meter supplied with a  13″ long section of 1/2″ schedule 80 PVC pipe. Also compatible with schedule 40 piping.  Meter on left has Sunshade installed. Shade lid flips down to view the meter. The plug, listed below, allows the flow to be restored while the meter is removed for cleaning or servicing.  Fast and Free Shipping.

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Standard pipe mounted flow meter supplied with a  13″ long section of ½” schedule 80 PVC pipe. Compatible with schedule 40 pipe. The flow rate range for this meter is 0.5 GPM up to 15 GPM. This section of pipe supplies the necessary section of straight pipe to assure accurate results. The display can be rotated relative to the pipe to allow easy viewing on both horizontal and vertical mounts. Please read the Installation Notes, it is a quick read that will bring you up to speed on flow meter selection and location selection.  Also consider purchasing the optional plug, the plug allows the meter to be removed for cleaning or servicing.

Specification for ½” Flow meter
Flow rate0.5 Gallon/minute – 15 GPM
Temperatureless than 120° F or 50° C
Pressurenot to exceede 150 psi.
Battery Lifegreater than 5 years.
Accuracywithin 2%
Wetted MaterialsPVC plastic,

316 stainless steel,

Buna-N oring

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Sun Shade